Angel’s body wasn’t just shutting down but so was she. Being neglected and tormented for this long had really broken her down. But that was all about to change– now that she was in the hands of caring people.

For a while, it was touch and go. At this point of famine, survival is doubtful. Yet she had incredibly brilliant people in her corner that understood just what to do. They fed her modest amounts of food throughout the day. She was also given Intravenous nourishment, antibiotics, and drugs for pain.

Each day, Angel improved. As Rescue From The Hart states in their film, “We offered her our strength, until one day she discovered her own,” is very poignant. Yet as you shall see, they were spot on! Angel took their lead. They saw positivism in their eyes and believed them when they informed her that she is now loved and will be okay. And then… she stood up all on her own! Do you know how fantastic that is?!

With a consistent diet and continued medical care, Angel gained weight. Her body was no longer feeble. She looked so healthy and was beginning to understand what it meant to be a dog.

She gained friends at her foster home and then Angel received the sweetest news possible– Angel found a permanent home